Friday, January 30, 2015

Even YOU can understand!

Today's library discovery is American Women of Science by Edith Yost, published in 1943.

The jacket description assures the reader that these fascinating facts are "written in a language that anyone can understand". What a relief!  Otherwise, how would we (women) ever be able to get through the book at all?  I mean, "The book is surprising, too, for few people realize - even scientists themselves - the extent to which women have already achieved distinction in many important fields of science."  That's probably because it's so hard for us to understand!

Below is a note I've never seen on a verso page (the back side of the title page).  It reads "Under Government regulations for saving paper during the war, the thickness of this book has been reduced below the customary peacetime standards.  The text is complete and unabridged."
WWII buffs - did you know they did this?  Did they go back to peacetime standards after the war, or did we continue the paper-saving efforts?

And here they are, the women of science. I've heard of one of them.  You?