Monday, August 24, 2015

What I read this summer

Welcome back, Tologs!  I have a feeling most of you were VERY busy this summer, but I hope that some of you got to do some fun, lazy, undemanding, beach reading.  I read a lot, including some of the books that you might have been reading for school (like Ragtime, The Incorporation of America, Refuge, Nickel and Dimed, and Justice).  But I also read a few things that were NOT for school.  You can see some of the books (and whether I liked them) below.  What did you read?  Let us know (and whether you loved, liked, or hated it) and we'll post it here on the blog!

PS - Here's how I assign stars.
One star is a total dud.
Two stars is readable but NOT good.
Three stars I liked just fine.
Four stars I liked a LOT.
Five stars I LOVED!
So, three start is a pretty good book.