Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tolog Reviews: Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska
by John Green
reviewed by Sophia Ferrer, class of 2015

Looking for Alaska is a compelling story by John Green that begins with the main character Miles Halter, a somewhat nerdy and unsocial kid who has a fond interest in memorizing famous last words. He is sent to Culver Creek boarding school, where he is in search for his “great perhaps”, that he once read about. As soon as he settles into Culver Creek, Miles meets a group of diverse individuals, that eventually will become a big part of his life, especially Alaska young who steals his heart and changes his life forever. Alaska Young a clever, gorgeous and funny individual puts Miles out of his comfort zone and teaches him to enjoy life as if it was ones last day to live. Miles is also introduced to things he’d never even dare of doing such as pulling pranks that always put him in a dangerous position of getting caught. Thinking that he was the only one to have a screwed up life, he soon learns about his friends who share their stories and seemingly all become closer. While everything in Miles life seems to be going right and believes he is figuring out what his “great perhaps” could be, an unexpected event turns each of their lives around for the worse. Miles experiences the ideas of new love, friendship, hardship, and adventure. This book is an example of how it is important to live life to the fullest and to not let it pass by. Looking for Alaska relates to the struggles and experiences teens may face during their high school years such as the struggle to be well-known, relationships, tragic events and grades. 
I would highly recommend this novel because it explores emotions that many of us may be facing as teens during our high school years. If you are fond of novels by John Greens , then you will definitely enjoy this one! This book would appeal to guys and or girls, it gives each a different perspective of how they think and what they feel during situations that come up. 

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