Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tolog Review: The Girl is Murder

The Girl is Murder
by Kathryn Miller Haines
reviewed by Daniela Gurrola

This novel tells the story of Iris Anderson and her experiences. She deals with the death of her mother, her father coming back disabled from the war, being Jewish during World War II, financial struggles, and a different school. Her father does detective work for individuals; however, he experiences problems with his new prosthetic leg and his age proves to be an obstacle. Since the Andersons require money, Iris secretly helps out her father with his cases. She befriends students at her new public school which proves to be difficult since she came from a private school. After one of her classmates, Tom, disappears, she begins helping her father locate him. In order to do this, she must rekindle old friendships, go to dangerous locations, break curfew, and reluctantly lie to those she holds dear. Tension never ceases, it only increases. She experiences more and more difficult situations, finding truths about her mother’s death, straining the already difficult relationship she has with her father, and choosing between friends. The cover and title of this novel deceives the reader into believing that the novel tells the tale of a murderous girl; however, that is not what this novel is about. This novel is more of a coming of age type story and it is filled with surprises. This novel unravels mysteries and secrets that astound the reader and overall, it proves to be a compelling choice to read. In order to uncover the secrets and see how everything turns out, one must read this novel to find out what happens.

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