Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tolog Review: Orphan Train

Orphan Train
by Christina Baker Kline
reviewed by Hannah Sobota

An award-winning American novelist, Christina Baker Kline, wrote the number one New York Times bestselling book, Orphan Train. She has written five other novels; four fiction and one non-fiction. Orphan Train tells a story about an orphan, Molly Ayer, and a ninety-one year old women, Vivian who meet one another in an interesting way, and form a friendship. The title ties to the novel because the two main characters, Molly and Vivian, have both experienced being orphans, having been transported from the worlds they knew on orphan trains to different places and experiences, good and bad.

Seventeen year old Molly Ayer, lives with her foster parents Ralph and Dina, in Spruce Harbor, Maine. One day, Molly tried stealing a book from the library, which lead to the punishment of fifty hours of community service hours. Jack, her boyfriend, got his mom to talk to Vivian, whom she works for, if Molly could complete her hours by cleaning out her attic. After getting interviewed by Vivian, Vivian allows Molly to complete her hours. Molly and Vivian learn a lot from each other and form a friendly friendship. Vivian tells Molly about her unhappy past experiences being an orphan. After listening to Vivian’s past, Molly changes Vivian’s life by doing something. 

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