Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tolog Review: Sometimes Love Isn't Enough

Sometimes Love Isn't Enough
by Lurlene McDaniel
reviewed by Paloma Enrigues, class of 2015

Sometimes love isn’t enough is one of my favorite books. Because It shows you how there are people who have a lot of issues in their lives and they do everything they can so the people around them don’t start judging them.
In this book, Andrea Manetti is a freshman in high school. I her first day of school she meats Tony Columbo, a boy who enjoys making fun of people and bothering them.
She is a really good singer, she is pretty and has a really good friend called Terri, who always supports her in her bad times. Andrea doesn’t like people knowing about her six-year-old brother Timmy, who undergoes autism. This isn’t the only secret she has; her parents have been fighting a lot for a few months. One day, after one of these fights, they decide that is better if they get a divorce.
Andrea thinks that her world is about to end, but just in the moment she needs it the most, Tony Columbo walks in her life.
As they get to know each other, Andrea realizes that Tony isn’t the tough boy that everyone thinks he is, he is a good friend and loyal, and he is the only person who completely understands her.
He starts making Andrea realize that she isn’t the only one who is going trough a hard time, making the suffering feel less painful to Andrea.
What makes this book different from the others is that this is not the typical romance novel; In these book there is also humor and tragedy.

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