Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tolog Review: Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska
by John Green
reviewed by Paris Davis

Looking for Alaska is a book you constantly want to turn the pages to and never put down. The book begins at a going away party for the main character, Miles, as he is about to begin life at boarding school. Once he gets there, he is welcomed by his roommate, who everyone calls “Colonel,” The two main things he quickly finds out about his boarding school are that it’s a school of no snitching and extreme pranks. He then realizes that this new life is going to hit a few bumpy roads.

The Colonel and Miles began a friendship. The Colonel gave Miles the nickname ”Pudge,” because he’s skinny. Pudge meets the Colonel’s friends, such as Lara, Takumi, and Alaska, who all attend Culver Creek boarding school. Pudge immediately fell for Alaska, because he felt she was the prettiest girl he’d ever seen. Pudge finds out that Alaska has a boyfriend to whom she’s devotedly attached, but that doesn’t stop him from constantly staring at her. Alaska never returns his affection for her, and so he uses Lara as a rebound. Throughout the book Lara has a small thing for Pudge, which soon becomes more than just a “thing.” In the end, a tragic misfortune happens, which leads Pudge wondering how he will move on from it.

This book brought me to tears multiple times. I began to grow attached to the characters and longed to read what would happen next. I absolutely loved this book, because how can you not resist a book you can’t put down? This book was extremely well written.

John Green is a excellent writer and I loved every page. He kept the book alive by keeping it suspenseful and mysterious, and was able to add some romance to it as well. If you enjoy reading fiction, this would be a good book to crack open.

I would recommend this book if you like fiction, suspense, and thrills. This book was amazing and easy to read.

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