Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tolog Review: Stardust

by Neil Gaiman
reviewed by Riley Frey

Stardust is a spellbinding book with romance, adventure, and magic all rolled into one incredible story. Every nine years, a Faerie carnival is held just outside the town of Wall, bringing strange people from all over with it. It is at this carnival that Dunstan Thorn meets the woman who will mother his son. Nine months later a basket with a child, part fairy part human, appears on Dunstan’s doorstep. Years pass, and Dunstan’s son, Tristran, falls in love with the most beautiful girl in town. When he tells her he will do anything for her, they see a star fall from the sky. On a whim, he says he would journey to find it for her, and she says to do it.

Tristran must embarks on a perilous journey to fulfill his promise to find the star. In Faerie, the fallen star happens to take the shape of a woman, named Yvaine. Although Yvaine hates Tristran, the two must work together to survive. The unlikely pair face the dangers of an unknown land together, and fight off mysterious foes. Tristran’s journey ends up revealing much to him about the world, and even more to him about himself.

Stardust, by Neil Gaiman is a wonderful, complex, and occasionally dark tale reminiscent of traditional fairy tales. The story is filled with magic, suspense, and danger that is sure to keep you interested. I would recommend this book for you if you liked The Lord of the Rings, as its style is similar to that. If you enjoy fantasy, you are sure to love this book.

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