Monday, October 21, 2013

Tolog Reviews: The Color Purple

The Color Purple
by Alice Walker
reviewed by Taylor Bauman

The Color Purple was a very powerful and emotional story. Celie (the main character) is a poor black women who provides us with a story describing 20 years of her life through letters. It begins when she is 14 years old. She is abused and raped by her father. She does not want her sister to deal with the same struggles, so tries to protect her. She is married to "mister" whom is an awful man that makes her life awful. Celie becomes angry when she finds out that her abusive husband has been keeping her sisters letter to her from her this whole time. This story is a black women's struggle to gain empowerment and freedom. If you are interested in books on women equality, I highly recommend this book. Also, if you are interested in women's fight for freedom this is a good choice. It is an inspiring novel that brings emotions out that you at times didn't know you had. It was an amazingly strong book that I recommend to all Fsha students and faculty.

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