Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tolog Review: The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars
by John Green 
reviewed by Clare Grimes

John Green’s book, The Fault in Our Stars, takes place in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. The main character in this story is a sixteen year old girl named Hazel. She has a terminal illness, so she has to wear an oxygen tube in her nose and has to carry the tank of oxygen with her everywhere. Imagine life like that. She is apart of a support group, that her mom wanted her to join, that includes people with all kinds of illnesses. At one of Hazel’s support group classes, she met this young man named Augustus. They instantly had feelings for one another. 

The Fault in Our Stars is a warm and touching love story. Throughout the book, both Hazel and Augustus test their love for one another. For example, when Augustus gets sick in the car and cannot control himself, the person who he calls for help is Hazel. An example of her trusting him was his determination to make her wish to meet her favorite author come true.

In this book, John Green’s writing style is very descriptive. This descriptive style invites the reader to visualize the scene very well. I would really recommend you reading this book, especially if you like romance, tragedy, and humorous stories all together. One of John Green's inspirations to writing this book came from his friend who was 16 years old, who passed away from cancer. He describes that time is precious especially if you have an illness that cannot get any better. You will want to read it through one sitting. 

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