Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tolog Review: We Were Liars

We Were Liars
by E. Lockhart
reviewed by Margaret Gervais

There are many twists and turns in our adolescent lives such as love and tragedy. We can be self absorbed or selfish but we will always have that twist in our lives that will either make us smile or turn the other way and cry. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart is thrill-seeking novel that puts your mind to the test as you start to figure out who Candace Sinclair, the narrator, life is all about. This book recalls a family trip that happens every year down at her grandparent’s lake. Through this family we find a lot of heartbreak while also revealing hidden love. Candace has a very tight family connection with three cousins in her family around the same age, especially to Gat, the heartfelt outsider that is not actually blood related. Candace is an extraordinary narrator who tells the story as if all the expensive education that she has had is now forgotten. The story leaves the readers with their own imagination, as they have to depict the character their own way. Candace is a girl who has gone through a lot and she is now broken but is now trying to figure out her problems and is putting back the pieces to her life. She tries her hardest to try and find answers to her problems and says “I suppose that I was raped or attacked or some godforsaken something. That's the kind of thing that makes people have amnesia, isn't it?" throughout the book she searches for clues as to why all the lies are happening throughout her tight knit family. In the end she figures out a plot twist and changes your whole view of the book. This is a very cleaver, full of surprises, page-turner novel and I enjoyed every context of the page.  

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