Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tolog Review: The Truth About Forever

The Truth About Forever
by Sarah Dessen 
reviewed by Lauren Yeh

Sarah Dessen’s The Truth About Forever is a page-turning novel about sixteen year-old Macy’s perfectly planned summer of work, work, and more work. But, this perfectly planned season takes a turn as she unexpectedly gets a job at Wish Catering, an eccentric, disordered, catering company. There, she makes a new group of friends, including Wes, an attractive artist with a dark past, who sees everything as a work-in-progress. This new job, and group of friends who thrive on chaos and catastrophes, bring Macy out of her perfect world and back to “life.” That is when she learns the truth about forever.

After her father’s death, she has always strived for perfection in her academics, her appearance, and her relationship with her perfect boyfriend, to appear “normal” and “fine.” She wants control of her life, so she isolates herself from anything that she might lose. Then, there’s Wes, a boy whom every teenage girl would want in her life. His fondness of imperfection contrasts Macy’s desire of perfection, but somehow, through their ongoing game of “Truth,” she is able to share with someone, for the first time, what she is truly feeling inside. Through this game, you can see the relationship of these two characters evolve throughout the book, and it is quite extraordinary to follow the journey. Their blossoming love will keep you up at night, trying to find out what happens next.

Dessen’s other characters in the novel bring light and life to the novel, as well as Macy’s life. From Bert’s goofiness, to Kristy’s bubbly, bright, attitude, to silent Monica, Kristy’s polar opposite sister. Dessen did a wonderful job of highlighting the different qualities that help Macy in her transformation of becoming a “real” person with flaws and imperfections. 

The Truth About Forever contains so many strong messages about life that we could carry with us. Sometime in our lives, we will hit a dark place, and it will be hard to get back on our feet. With the help of true friends, they can pull us out of the darkness, and put us back on track. This novel is very relatable to many teens that strive for perfection, and it is so inspiring.

Sarah Dessen has yet again succeeded in drawing her readers into the book, and left them restless. If you have read other Sarah Dessen novels or any romance novels, you will definitely love The Truth About Forever, by Sarah Dessen.

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