Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tolog Review: Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska 
by John Green 
reviewed by Morgan Close

In Looking For Alaska the main character Miles, also known as Pudge, goes to a boarding school, Clever Creek, in Alabama. In Alabama he meets these crazy drunk teenagers who are always drinking. But these friends, Alaska, Colonel, Takumi, and Lara, change Pudge’s world, for good and bad. His roommate, the Colonel, changes and brings out the rebel, boy teenager out of him. Pudge gets into trouble with his new friends because he is drinking and smoking. He is also was caught pranking for fun and to avenge a friend. 

Pudge falls in love with his good friend Alaska, a girl who is a recipe for trouble. She is always smoking and drunk, which brings her into a lot of trouble. Something horrible happens to her, which then changes the whole story. After Alaska’s horrific accident Pudge and his friends try to find out what and how it happened. They spend day and night trying to uncover the mystery of Alaska’s death. 

“How will you get out of this labyrinth of suffering?” (Green) is a question that is brought up through out the story. I thought about this question as well. Green brought this question up in his story, and as Alaska thought hard about this question looking for an answer. Pudge and his other friends also worked very hard on trying to answer this question as well. This question I thought was important to everyone. It is questioning how you will die, but also how you life your life. 

John Green took so many elements of young adult life, smocking and drinking, and shows what can happen if you aren’t careful. This story truly is a wonderful story. You are transported into the story. You are a friend of Pudge’s. You feel what the characters feel. I would love to be transported into this story any day. 

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